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We work hard to partner with organizations that will be beneficial to the entrepreneurship community in North Carolina and beyond. Reach out to see how we can work with you to get your message in front of our audience and meet your marketing campaign goals: honeyandhustlerdu@gmail.com

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Relevant Show Stats
  • 10,000+
    Combined Downloads and Views
  • 1,369
    Podcast Twitter
  • 9,300+
    LinkedIn Followers
  • 515
    YouTube Subscribers
Here's How We Can Work Together
I'm available for packaged cross-platform promotional campaigns, targeted series content, or one-time posts in the following ways:
  • Twitter or Linkedin Posts
    Including native photo and video content with the option to make the post my pinned tweet for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Host-read Podcast Ad
    Would be placed in video podcast episodes on both YouTube and audio streaming platforms.
  • YouTube Video Sponsorship
    A 30 second to 1 minute ad read at the middle or end of the video.
  • Product Placement
    Product will be featured in a the frame in a video, short film, or video podcast.
  • Original Content Sponsor
    Be a featured sponsor of my short film projects and/or narrative film work and receive ending roll credits and social media promotional posts with content roll-out.
  • Curated Photography
    Can be featured on my social media accounts (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram Stories) and/or brand use.
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